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 Main products are ceramic-based circuit boards, such as alumina ceramic substrates, aluminum nitride ceramic substrates, zirconia ceramic substrates, glass, quartz, etc


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Alumina PCB Products


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Alumina PCB Application

Ceramic substrate with good thermal conductivity, excellent electrical conductivity, stability, long life, will be applied to more and more fields.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace field is inseparable from the continuous research and development of new materials, which can provide a bigger stage for the aerospace industry to display its skills. Among them, ceramic materials are undoubtedly the most dazzling star, whether they are used in engines or sensors, they can provide the best protection for aircraft.

Solar Panel Modules

The perfect performance of a photovoltaic inverter is very much related to its core “inverter circuit”. In order to improve the efficiency of the inverter circuit, manufacturers have abandoned the traditional circuit boards and adopted the most stable and reliable ceramic circuit boards, ceramic substrates have great advantages!

Lighting Industry

Ceramic circuit boards have a wide range of applications, the most representative is the use of LED lamps, the use of ceramic circuit boards effectively solve the LED lamps this heat dissipation problem, ceramic substrate with good thermal conductivity

Automotive Electronics Industry

The quality of automotive sensors is related to the safety performance of automobiles. With the focus on technology, the demand for sensor quality is getting higher and higher, therefore, strict standards are stipulated when purchasing parts. Traditional automotive sensors use metal-based circuit boards, which cannot match the requirements of high configurations. After many researches and tests by the manufacturer, the most stable and reliable ceramic circuit boards are chosen at present

Communications industry

General circuit boards can not match the basic performance of the antenna, and the antenna requirements of the most consistent is ceramic circuit boards, RAYMING and many domestic communications customers, the production of ceramic circuit boards for the antenna is one of them.

High Power Power Semiconductor Modules

Whether it is an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) or DC / DC high-power modules, ceramic circuit boards are one of the main core components, high-power semiconductor modules have a very large heat dissipation needs, whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled heat must first be exported out of the heat, the heat of the first point of contact is the substrate, aluminum nitride ceramic substrate is undoubtedly the best choice.

Who We Are

Alumina PCB Manufacturer

Our main products ceramic-based circuit boards, such as alumina ceramic-based, aluminum nitride ceramic-based, zirconia ceramic-based, glass, quartz and so on.
  High bonding strength between metal layer and ceramic, good electrical performance, repeatable soldering, adjustable thickness of metal layer within 1μm-1mm, L/S resolution up to 20μm, direct over-hole connection, and customized solutions for customers.
  The product has obtained a number of invention patents in the process of research and development and production, the relevant technology has completely independent intellectual property rights, the current annual production capacity of the first phase is 30,000 square meters.

What We Do

New ceramic Material

Use cermaic material innovation to promote the development of the electronics industry
Science and technology lead the future, innovation drives development, we were born to meet modern needs, and strive for the development of the electronics industry. The road ahead is never-ending, persistent, unremitting, determined to promote the development of the electronics industry with scientific and technological innovation.

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