About Us

AluminaPCB Company main products ceramic-based circuit boards, such as alumina ceramic-based, aluminum nitride ceramic-based, zirconia ceramic-based, glass, quartz and so on.
  High bonding strength between metal layer and ceramic, good electrical performance, repeatable soldering, adjustable thickness of metal layer within 1μm-1mm, L/S resolution up to 20μm, direct over-hole connection, and customized solutions for customers.
  The product has obtained a number of invention patents in the process of research and development and production, the relevant technology has completely independent intellectual property rights, the current annual production capacity of the first phase is 30,000 square meters.
  The company has a professional production, technology research and development team advanced marketing management system as well as high-quality software and hardware facilities. Systematic decision-making process, as well as rigorous warehousing management system, to provide a guarantee for the high efficiency of our production capacity. We are committed to providing professional, fast and attentive customized services to our global customers.

Our company’s mission is: to serve our customers with heart and soul, and to provide assured products.

   We adhere to the customer-oriented, to provide reassuring, reassuring, attentive service, to create a multi-directional strength guarantee, customer satisfaction is our lifelong mission.

   We rely on strong scientific research and technology team, scientific and strict manufacturing process, as well as accurate grasp of user needs, with craftsmanship to provide customers with high-quality products.

Our company’s vision is: science and technology innovation to promote the development of the electronics industry.

   Science and technology lead the future, innovation drives development, we were born to meet modern needs, and strive for the development of the electronics industry. The road ahead is never-ending, persistent, unremitting, determined to promote the development of the electronics industry with scientific and technological innovation.

The company’s values are: people-oriented, sincere root, hand in hand to create the future.

   People-oriented, attach importance to the talent pool, provide a broad stage, and strive to build the best team; rooted in sincerity, honesty based on innovation to the future; want to do things, the first for people, the heart of the starting point; hand in hand, rise to the challenge, to become the world's leading brand of science and technology trustworthy.